Airbrush Gallery

Spiral Structure

Spiral Structure (2007), airbrushed acrylics and colored pencil on illustration board, 40x64".


I’ve always had an attraction to airbrush. It’s probably because of my admiration for HR Giger, the legendary Swiss artist responsible for the iconic Alien, Space Jockey and derelict spacecraft from the movie, Alien (1979).

To me, it's a fancy technical pen, and I draw with it. I can pull the trigger back a little and shoot fine lines or pull it back further and lay down areas of tone. It's naturally gestural and the perfect solution for working larger.

I spray freehand with no frisket or masks. I use a fine-tipped Badger Sotar 2020. It's capable of spraying lines on par with a .40mm technical pen up to about an inch wide.

The only brush I've used that's capable of finer lines is the Paasche AB Turbo, but that one is too maintenance-intensive for me. I’ve heard great things about some of the Iwata brushes. but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them out.