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Hunter Can Help Info Page

Hunter Can Help Info Page

I took out a new domain name to help promote my web services. My idea is simple. Hunter can help with your website. It has the virtue of being true. I can use your existing business cards, brochures, letterhead, photos, and other marketing materials to produce custom web pages that show up in the search engines, display properly on all current browsers, and make your business more competitive. The page features a php contact form and image replacement techniques. Hunter Can Help More Design Work

Featured Art

The Legacy 2008

The Legacy of Dysfunctional Human Relations and Failed Foreign Policy, Ink, 21-1/4 x 29-3/8", 2008.

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Aggressive Art

Some artists make pretty pictures. I make aggressive art, consumed with notions of space, structure, movement, architecture, and the human figure.

I see myself as a visual composer influenced by musical composers such as Igor Stravinsky, Jerry Goldsmith, and groups such as the English death metal band, Bolt Thrower.

I find inspiration in surface shipwrecks, derelicts, and disasters with visual influences such as Marcel Duchamp, Arnaldo Pomodoro, and HR Giger. The result is a look into my mind, my thought process given visual form. See My Art

Expert Web Design

Anybody can write a web page. It takes some expertise to write a web page that is easy to use, easy to maintain, accessible to all visitors, compatible with all current browsers, and friendly to the search engines. I provide expert web design for small businesses, artists, and organizations.

I write my pages with standards-compliant CSS, Strict document types, PHP, and unobtrusive, DOM-based JavaScript. I structure page layout using the Box Model, and I design for best possible user experience, accessibility, and cross platform compatibility.

I also write intelligent, structurally sound conversions of Photoshop designs as well as front-end code for ASP and PHP sites. Learn More